Bad News For Players Who Haven’t Got Apple or Samsung Watches


It was announced in September that Pokémon Go would be accessible on the next generation of Apple Watches. Naturally Samsung responded to this and also stated that they too will have the app on their Android watch as well.

Now don’t get too excited, an exact release date has not been confirmed for either however, it has been stated that both should be available by the end of 2016, and with us already being in October that release is getting closer by the day.

But what does this mean for players? Well if you were not to have either of these watched, you will have an enormous disadvantage when it comes to tracking Pokémon and hatching eggs.


Normally in order to see what Pokémon are close by you would need either a third-party scanner, which have all been shut down recently after the latest update, or you would need the app open on your screen and yourself constantly looking at it.

However, now with the game being accessible on your watch, you will have notifications sent to you from it telling you what Pokémon are near by. It will also allow you to access Poke Stops quicker, by just tapping on your wrist.

Although, most importantly it will make it incredibly easier to hatch those 10km eggs. This is because you would never need to turn off the game, with it always being open on your watch.


Gone are the days of you turning off the app during work or in class if you are a student, because now it just looks like you are looking at the time, constantly and for a very long time as well.

Unfortunately this will have a toll on the watches battery life as it does on the phone, but you can think of it as another extra portable charger.

Overall this will give an incredible advantage over all players with the watch and just as large of a disadvantage to the players without it.


But Apple and Samsung have no interest in game fairness with the app being downloaded over 500 million times and people walking over 4.6 billion kilometres while playing the game since its release.

As a result Nintendo’s shares skyrocketed by 20% and I assume Apple and Samsung are also interested in spiking their shares as well.

Still however I can’t wait for this to come out despite, not owning a watch yet and yes it will most likely make me buy one of the watches as well.

Also if you are a Nokia owner and you are reading this waiting to see when it will come out on the Nokia watch, well unfortunately there has ben no statements made thus far about Pokémon Go coming to the Nokia as of yet.



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