Behavior of an epic Omanyte nest in Sweden!

When it comes to fossil Pokemon the rarest one happens to be Aerodactyl with a very low spawn rate, a spawn rate than can compare to the likes of Lapras, Snorlax and Dragonite. That doesn’t mean that Omanyte and Omastar have great spawn rates, they actually have some of the worst spawn rates in the game making it hard to find a decent Omastar for future use.

A trainer named greyguy12 wrote about his local Omanyte nest that seemed to spawn quite a bit of Omanyte throughout the day, enough to get you an Omastar pretty quickly.

Behavior of Nest by greyguy12

  • Gothenburg, Sweden. Garden/park in front of the central train station.
  • 143 seen in 6 hours. Caught 80ish (using goplus+ while hatching eggs)
  • Highest rate of “rares” I’ve seen at a nest. Typical crap IV, however CP’s are very high (800-1050). Evolve into 2000cp ‘stars.

Edit: I now realize the atlas reflects this frequency. I was attempting to notify people who aren’t usually looking in this area. Oslo and Copenhagen are only a few hours away. Depending on your drive to complete your ‘dex I thought the info may be useful as there are enough spawns to reach the candy to evolve.


As you can see the CP of these Omanytes evolve into some great Omastars, though CP levels acheived through evolution solely depend on your trainer level. So a level 15 will have far less CP values in catching and evolution than a level 30 trainer.



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