Best Pokemon Locators Used Until Now Revealed


Catching Pokemons in “Pokemon GO” is not easy; well, it’s pretty easy if you want to catch the common ones but if you are looking for the rare and special Pokemons it might be different. Niantic’s recent update increased the “Pokemon GO” security feature; players with jailbroken or rooted phones cannot play the game anymore to prevent them from using third party applications, hacks or any kind of cheats.

However, there are some players who still use third party apps in playing the “Pokemon GO” game. According to a report from Christian Times, players can use the PokeEye, which has similar features with the famous PokeVision. Players can easily know the Pokemons that are nearby by simply providing address details and let the application do the rest.

However, it should be noted that players should still be extra careful in using these types of applications. If the app requires you to login your “Pokemon GO” account think about it first. Niantic has been very serious in their permanent ban campaign and it has been banning players permanently if they are caught cheating. But, PokeEye looks safe because players can simply use it by just going to their official site.

Pokemesh is also among the most used third party application by “Pokemon GO” players. Gamers can easily download Pokemesh via its official website. Pokemesh is also a Pokevision alternative. Players can easily scan the nearby area at a specific radius. Players can also select other areas and scan it. Pokemesh can also see PokeGyms and PokeStops that is in the selected area.

But, Pokemesh will require you to login your “Pokemon GO” account. According to some reports, some players who use Pokemesh is using another Gmail account to login; in that way, their “Pokemon GO” account might not be banned.

There are several third party apps, hacks and cheats for the “Pokemon GO” game. Though GamenGuide does not encourage anyone to use or perform illegal activities that would damage the gameplay, please apply these “Pokemon GO” cheats, tricks and hacks at your own peril. Stay tuned to Gamen Guide to know the latest news cheats, tips and tricks for “Pokemon GO” game.




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