Big Pokémon Go Bug Costing Trainers

Hey guys. So, another wave of Ex Raids was announced a few days back. It was the biggest wave that had hit the game so far. But, there’s a big problem that has been giving the trainers a hard time.

It happened to one of the players and he explained his problem. Here’s the post—
“So to begin tonight was really fun (S/Os to the Tucson, AZ raid group!!) So the raid started out normal we split into groups and I was a mystic group of about 9 people. We beat it pretty easily and got our rewards. I then got the the catch screen the first few balls I threw normal and he escaped. 5th ball out of 10 I throw it (curve great) and the spinning pokeball appears then I’m brought out to the overworld map. I click the gym and attempt my last 4 balls I try to feed berry and get an error (I believe it was error 26) and the berry would not register. I think “Ok, Ill restart my app and retry the catch”. I restart my phone and log in. I’m brought to the raid lobby screen (NO catch screen) and begin to panic lol. It didn’t waste my pass so I decided to join a late group and attempt the battle but I errored out after every time the battle started. I looked at my journal and showed that I received rewards but no “Mewtwo Fled” or “Mewtwo caught”. Ended up leaving without any attempts to catch it.. I’m a little salty lol. Has anyone else had this issue tonight? please LMK and YES I have submitted a report with this screen shot. Here’s the link to the screenshots—”
As you can see it could be cause a big problem for the other trainers.




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