Big Update for Pokémon GO Plus users!

The Pokémon Go Plus is now allowing users to spin Gyms! When the Gym rework happened, many Pokéstops were converted in to Gyms. In Niantic’s eyes, allowing Gym photodiscs to be spun for items meant that the change would be minimal while allowing more places for battles to occur.

However, Pokémon Go Plus users were let down. Some of the few stops they would often use with the Plus became undoable after the Gym rework.

But Niantic have listened and allowed functionality for the Pokémon Go Plus to spin Gyms for items! It appears Niantic were able to allow this functionality even without an update occurring! A reddittor, u/Ignaciogc, first noted the change on The Silph Road road and stated the following:

“I was just sitting at my desk and noticed that my PoGo Plus was vibrating blue… I can only reach a gym from there, and I always have to spin it manually.

Five minutes later, the same thing happened again. Both times I received 7 items, so it is definitely spinning the gym.

Is this a known connection bug that sometimes allows gyms to be spun, or did this just happen in a server side update?

I just re-enabled notifications on my phone, to see if the notification has more info. The Journal just says 7 items from Pokestop, but no indication if it was from the Plus or manually.”

Shown below is the photo supplied by the reddittor.

Other users have chimed in to state further discoveries following the change:

  • First spin of the day is picked up on the Pokemon Go Plus when spinning a Gym.
  • First Gym spin of the day will also issue a Raid Pass when using the Pokémon Go Plus.
  • Spinning a new Gym with the Pokémon Go Plus will add the Gym badge to your list.
  • Though one user was unable to, several others noted that it is possible to spin the Gym during a Raid!

While the Go Plus continues to have connection issues, I for one am thrilled for this small change as it adds an additional 3 spinnable stops to my local park walk! Now get out there and start clicking!



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