Bonus Candy Along Side Catch Bonuses?

A few updates ago Niantic added in catch bonuses with the type specific badges. That is great and all, but have you noticed a difference in catching Pokemon with the bonus? Not sure about you, but even the common Pokemon like Pidgey and Rattata still flee about the same as the had before the bonuses were introduced.

What if instead of the bones catch rate, or even with the bonus due to it not having a large effect. Niantic could add a bonus candy amount granted per catch. More or less one bonus candy should be received after completing the golden medal. This won’t be as game breaking as adding a bonus candy to each level the achievement offers.

You would have to admit three extra bonus candies for each Pokemon caught would be completely game breaking. Nonetheless, defeats the purpose of searching for Pokemon you still need. It would only take 7 catches to evolve a Pokemon that requires 50 candies instead of 13. That would be fantastic for rural players, but everyone in a loaded area would have no problem completing their Pokedex at all.

Another reason a feature like this should be added, we are close to the end of generation 1 and coming up right behind on generation 2. Not only is generation 2 adding 100 new Pokemon, but that means a larger variety of Pokemon will be added. Over 200 Pokemon will be encountered in the wild.

If you had a hard time finding Pokemon like Dratini, it will only become harder once more Pokemon share the “water” biome spawn. If we were able to even get a bonus candy for completing a type specific badge, it would allow trainers to feel like they are actually getting somewhere.



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