Can Nests Spawn Pokemon Related To The Species?

Many trainers search for nests, mostly of the Pokemon they still need. Nests are commonly known for their odd Pokemon makeup, spawning mostly the same Pokemon. There are three known types of nests. You can define which nest you visited by the spawning patterns.

A cluster spawning nest means multiple of the nesting species will show up at once. For the most part, there will always be that type of Pokemon up at all times. It really just depends on how fast the respawn timer is and how fast you can catch.

Frequent spawn areas can be determined if the nesting Pokemon spawns within 3-5 city blocks. Not to be confused with a frequent spawn point. A frequent spawn point is known to have the nesting Pokemon spawn at the same times each day.

The theory is that Pokemon related to the nesting species will also spawn within the nesting area. Have you noticed a difference in Pokemon that spawn inside nests as well? It’s also possible that the Pokemon that spawn within the nest could be biome related as well.

“I go to work through a park along a small river. This is my standard hunting ground and I know what to expect there. As soon as I enter the park there are plenty of water type pokemon and occasionally some nidoran/gastly. It is therefore often pretty easy to spot nest species. Before the last migration we had a huge jigglypuff nest, spawning 2-4 around a double pokestop. I also found a clefairy there, which seem surprisingly fitting to me. I had not found a clefairy in the park before. Now the nest changed to charmander. I also found a geodude. This was the first time I found a geodude in the park. They are extremely rare for me: I only recently developed my first graveler (compared to 3 gyarados). Today again I found a geodude on the exact same spot between 2 charmanders. This might or might not be purely coincidental and made me come up with this theory. I know that 3 incidents are not enough – so let me know if you have experienced the same thing with nests.” – Laborrarre14



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