Can We Get A Party Hat For Pikachu On New Years Eve and Day?

Hey all, as we already know Pikachu and Raichu have been given Santa hats for the Christmas event this year, now should we get something similar such as a party hat for New Years Eve?

New Years may be coming soon and it my be too late but its not a bad idea, especially considering we have had something special happen in Pokémon Go for every major event since Halloween.

Therefore, why should New Years be any different? Well I think that it shouldn’t and I know it s pretty close to the Christmas event but why should that be a factor?

Simply put it shouldn’t, now I know that the Christmas event is coming to a close and that the Santa hats are disappearing on the 3rd  now after the event was extended, but I for one, see no reason to not have a small little extra item given to us by Niantic for New Years.

It may be too late and too difficult to give us bonus spawns, stardust, experience, gift boxes or increased lures for an event with such short notice, but I believe something small like a Pikachu party hat can be just as good.

Why a party hat? Well because I don’t really see anything else other than partying when it comes to New years, and we may as well keep it for the mascot of Pokémon, Pikachu.

So just change the hat for New Years Eve and nothing else, it will make Pikachu even more wanted than what it is now, especially as it would only be available for one day.

It most likely won’t happen but I think if it did, it would be a great inclusion, what do you think? Should there be a party hat added to Pikachu for New Years Eve?



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