Catching Charizard Is Now Easier, Pokémon Spawning At Charmander Nests

Niantic has been making major adjustments to “Pokémon GO” through game updates and devices and tools such as the recently launched Pokémon GO Plus. Spawn rates of Pokémon have also surged so players can spot Pokémon that they’ve never seen before in specific neighborhoods and areas.

It also appears that catching Charizard has been made easier by Niantic. “Pokémon GO” users onReddit thread The Silph Road are claiming that the fire-breathing dragon is now spawning at Charmander nests, a feat that wasn’t possible before on “Pokémon GO.”

Basically, Charmander nests now spawn its evolutions — Charmeleon and Charizard — as well. Redditors, however, aren’t entirely sure about the likelihood of Charmeleon and Charizard spawns in Charmander nests. Other “Pokémon GO” species are also involved in this huge change.

“I have had all the nests in SA/Austin fixed and monitored for the past 4 hours and the scanner is showing Sandslashes at Sandshrew nests, Nidorinos at Nidoran nests, etc.,” according to a Redditor named carypalmer’s post on The Silph Road.

“Pokémon GO” players usually acquire Charizard by evolving Charmeleon from Charmander, a process that requires 125 Candies. Charizard is one of the most intimidating monsters in “Pokémon GO,” with its CP or Combat Points going as high as 2602.20.

Charizard’s best move sets are Wing Attack, Fire Blast, Ember, and Flamethrower, Ranked Boost listed. These moves inflict great damage to opponents and cement Charizard’s position as one of the best “Pokémon GO” Gym defenders out there.

Charizard is strongest against Bug, Grass, Fire, Fairy, Ground, Steel, and Fighting-Type Pokémon. The Pokémon, however, is weak when it comes to fighting Water and Electric-Types.

Niantic recently randomized “Pokémon GO’s” spawn system, Parent Herald previously reported. The third spawn nest migration showcased Charmander nests, for instance, changing into Abra, Diglett, Ponyta, Nidoran, Magmar, Jynx, and Squirtle nests.

Nest migrations can provide “Pokémon GO” players the opportunity to capture more Pokémon locally and expand their Pokédex. However, Niantic also recently confirmed that region-specific Pokémon — Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros — can only be hatched from Eggs that are in their natural habitat. The four regionals can only be caught in Asia, Australasia, Europe, and North America, respectively.

“Pokémon GO” Charmander and its first evolution, Charmeleon, are the most efficient Pokémon Buddies, Parent Herald previously reported. Walking with these Pokémon for 2 KM provides players one Candy. Learn about Charmander’s strengths, weaknesses, and best quick and charge moves here. Stay tuned to Parent Herald for the latest “Pokémon GO” news, tips, and tricks.



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