Could some Unown be rarer than others in Pokemon GO?

With Unown being released with the generation 2 Pokemon, trainers are out among others trying to get the Unown achievement medal that comes with catching them all. You start off with a medal rewarded for catching 3 Unown afterward moving towards the 10 Unown caught reward while you further move to the gold medal for these mysterious Pokemon.

A poll has recently gone around the reddit community from a user named Potato5lyfe which we discovered on reddit and decided to share with our community to further decide just how rare some of these unown are. From the 2,000 current votes it seems like the ‘Y’ Unown is the rarest out of them all, followed by ‘X’, ‘Q’,’B’ and ‘K’.

We’d love for you to join in on the poll, which you can findHERE

The most common Unown seems to be ‘U’, ‘W’ and ‘L’ though we’re unsure fully until our community goes and votes alongside the reddit community. We’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on the poll numbers within a few weeks so be sure to look out for them. We’d also like for you guys to leave a comment about your current caught Unown in the comment section of our page so be sure to do that as’well!




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