Curve ball bonus with a straight throw?

The conundrum of the curveball bug continues, with latest information demonstrating that a curve ball bonus can be obtained without physically curving the ball. The infamous bug has been a part of the game for over a year now and has recently gained traction once again.

Due to the release of Legendary Pokémon with extremely low base capture rates, it’s been even more imperative to obtain the highest catch modifiers possible. Easily controllable factors that will remain stable are the type medal bonus and use of Razz berries which are seen as below. Please note, when catching a dual type Pokémon, it will average the two badge bonuses.

 Modifier  Bonus
 Razz Berry  1.5x
 Golden Razz Berry  2.5x
 Bronze Medal  1.1x
 Silver Medal  1.2x
 Gold Medal  1.3x


The other controllable factor is generally the type of Pokéball used, however when it come to Legendaries and Raids, the Premier ball is the only option and is only as effective as a regular Pokéball. Once these factors are controlled for, we want to do as much possible to boost the catch rate even higher and that’s generally where skill and practice come in. Namely, the throw circle bonus and the curveball bonus.

The throw circle bonus is about the ‘Nice!’, ‘Great!’ and ‘Excellent!’ throws that you get. They don’t give a fixed bonus each time and is solely dependent on the physical radius of the inner circle and whether you hit inside the circle or not. So you should be aiming to land the ball inside the smallest inner circle as possible.

 Throw Text  Radius% Range Modifier Range
 Nice!  100% – 70%  1x – 1.3x
 Great! 70% – 30%  1.3X – 1.7x
 Excellent!  30% – ~5%  1.7X – ~1.95x


The last and most unreliable catch modifier is the curve ball. If you successfully land a curveball, it will net you a catch modifier of 1.7x. This bonus is greater than using a regular razz berry, higher than any individual badge bonus, and equivalent to a high end great throw. As such, it’s easy to see why players are annoyed at the unreliability of this modifier.

The above infographic was created by u/myckol on The Silph Road as one theory for the curve ball bug that was spread far and wide. However, this theory was disputed and was disproved by various sources. Theories have emerged pertaining to different quadrants and outer edges of the circles. Now a user has demonstrated that the curving animation is irrelevant for registering a curveball and can even be registered from a straight throw. Click here for the full video.

As this conundrum thickens, we can only hope that Niantic address this issue as soon as possible. At least they’ve officially recognized the existence of the issue. For now, throw comfortably and try to get as many of the other catch modifiers as possible. Keep raising your medal modifiers for your desired Raid boss, keep using those berries and practice getting that ball right in the middle. After all that, say a short prayer to Arceus that a curveball may register.




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