Excellent Curveballs Are Way To Go About Your Catching Business

Hey guys. The legendary dogs were released just a few days back. Niantic had made an announcement that the dogs would be making a return as the legendary birds would be going back. However, Niantic did something very Niantic-esque as they kind of managed to screw it up as well. The legendary birds were still spawning despite the deadline being over.

But, it was fixed later. In this post, I am going to talk about catching legendary. Many people have been complaining about excellent curveballs. They have been saying that the excellent curveballs don’t work and every time they throw it the Pokémon breaks out. But, it just because they have miscalculated.

You can maximize your chances of capturing a Pokémon by throwing an excellent curveball with a gold medal and a golden razzberry. This increases your chances to maximum of catching a legendary. But, it is not a guaranteed thing. The base capture rate for the legendary beasts is 2%. So, by doing all of the above mentioned things you increase your chances to 15% on average. So, there’s a lot more chance of not being able to catch a legendary beast instead of catching a beast.
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