Genders And Breeding For Valentine’s Day?

After the recent data mine, codes were found for genders. In fact, some Pokemon’s gender models made their way onto the live game. What happened to the Male and Female Pikachu’s though? Why were they taken out of the game if genders will just be put back in anyways?

In Kanto region, genders weren’t really specified. Some cases, it was from visual assumptions from the anime. In the games Red, Blue, and Yellow, there weren’t any genders, though. It wasn’t until second generation that genders were actually introduced.

We know that Niantic plans on adding gender to the game, we just aren’t sure when. After they took out what everyone thought was meant to stay (Pikachu’s visual gender difference), we might have discovered part of the Valentine’s Day event.

Another feature we also know Niantic plans on adding at some point is breeding. Both genders and breeding were added in second generation, so it would make sense for us to see these features sometime soon. In fact, Valintine’s day is heavily associated with “love”. Genders and breeding kind of go along with that.

Kind of like the baby Pokemon, these features will probably stay rather than be live for a week or so. Breeding will be a bit tricky and can go any of several different ways. Many speculate we will get to breed for one egg and you won’t collect any more until after that egg is hatched.




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