Here’s how you can defeat those Blissey Gyms!

Many players have seen these Blissey gyms in action after Generation 2 Pokemon were fully released. Though most players have been wondering what a solution could be for taking these Pokemon down and we’ve got just the answer you were looking for!

A Perfect solution for normal types such as Blissey are the infamous fighting type kingpin Machamp. A Machamp as low as 2000 CP is able to take down a 3K CP Blissey easily, while a full gym of them may take multiple fighting types to last the entire gym session without breaking.

The perfect moveset for these Machamps would be:

  • Counter
  • Heavy Slam

There are other movesets that may do the job as’well such as:

  • Counter/Karate Chop
  • Close Combat/Dynamic Punch/Cross Chop

Ground Type Pokemon

An alternate option could be the infamous ground/rock type Pokemon Rhydon. Rhydon has an amazing CP with perfect stats and movesets to back it up for a battle with Blissey.

The perfect moveset to destroy a blissey may be:

  • Rock Smash
  • Stone Edge

Alternate movesets that do just as good a job as that moveset would be:

  • Mudslap/Earthquake
  • Mudslap/Stone Edge
  • Rock Smash/Earthqauke

These Pokemon should give you an easy time with those Blissey that hog up the gyms for days, though most of them are placed there to stop GPS Spoofers from taking gyms and making them level 10. Though all trainers deserve a chance to own a gym which brings me to posting this method of defeat for these Pokemon.




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