Here’s why you should make Blissey gyms!

Before Generation 2 Pokemon were released, Chansey was the holder of the highest Stamina stat which gives it a significant health advantage over every Pokemon in the game. To back it’s amazing health up it came with some decent defense stats that would make it hard for trainers to take down a Level 10 gym.

Blissey is the evolved form of Chansey which is also Nurse Joy’s go to Pokemon, these Pokemon are in the healing nature and obviously are very useful even though they have a low attack stat which has changed with Blissey. Blissey now comes with a max attack stat of 129, with a defense stat of 229 and the highest stamina stat of 510. Blissey also comes with an amazing Max CP of 3219. These stats make Chansey a top tier buddy Pokemon to walk with as’well, so be sure to walk with Chansey as much as possible so you can collect easy candy for your evolution.

Taking down Blissey gyms could be one of the hardest gyms to defeat in the game, especially if you put them in the right area such as a stop light or stop sign. This will also allow you to collect some rewards for a longer period than you normally would.

Gyms are already being invaded by Blissey since Generation 2 Pokemon have been released as we’ve been speaking about Chansey gyms for quite a while now, allowing trainers to prepare for this exact moment.



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