If You’ve Given Up On Pokemon Go, Now Is The Time To Return!


This will be a quick discussion and towards the end we would love to know exactly what your thoughts and concerns are about the game so far. So make sure to comment below!

Anyways without any further ado, lets get started!

To begin with, ever since the launch of Pokémon Go from July 6th, 2016, people have gotten their fair share of ups and downs with the game.

Some people have already beaten the game (I know one personally in my area), meanwhile others are still grinding to evolve and catch Pokémon, and then there are others who gave up on playing simply because they don’t have time to play or it doesn’t fit their daily schedule/ area in which they live.

Majority of people fall into the last category I mentioned.

It is this depression that people have given up on the game. I wont even lie, I too had given up simply because it was taking too long to level up and the area that I live has nothing nearby.


However, I decided to return because of the opportunity Niantic has given players with their Halloween event. This event along with its new features help aid players in:

  • leveling up faster
  • getting more candy faster
  • acquiring more stardust
  • catching more Pokémon frequently

This allows players like myself and others struggling to catch up to others and make it back into the flow of things. well, at least  that how I see this event.




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