Inside of A Pokeball – How It Really Is? – Explained

So, I have been thinking about Pokémon recently and the age old question, “What happens inside a Pokéball?”, started to pick my brain, so, being a writer, I set off on my quest to find the truth. There are many theories about this, each with there own holes but we are going to focus on the two most popular and settle this once and for all. Let’s start with the converting to energy theory.

Many people believe this theory to be the case because of the way the Pokémon enter and exit the Pokéball, as you all know, when a Pokémon exits a Pokéball it does in the form of a white energy-type beam, the same can be said for entering one except that the beam is red. The red beams are believed to be converting the Pokémon into some sort of energy or data and the white beams convert them back, this would make the Pokéball a fancier looking external hard drive.

If we were to assume that this theory is the correct, but you change the converted state from energy to data, then it would also explain how you can transfer your Pokémon into the bank, all you would have to do is sync your Pokéballs to the computer and transfer the data.

You could argue that the bank you deposit into is just an interface and the Pokémon centre acts like a daycare and holds your Pokémon until you withdraw them, if this was the case then the whole computer system would not be needed, the data theory also explains the need for computers in the Pokémon centre in the first place, ones and zeros everywhere.

If the Pokémon does in fact get converted to data upon entering the Pokéball then transferring it to the bank from deep within the wild would be no harder than your usual wireless funds transfer. Whilst this theory does explain a couple of things, the anime shows us a few other things that, sadly,  go against this theory completely.

Pokémon have shown themselves to be aware of what is happening outside of the Pokéball, sometimes through rocking the Pokéball in response to a question but they mainly show it through battle.s

Pokémon trainers have commanded their Pokémon to attack with a specific attack before the Pokémon has left the Pokéball, the Pokémon exits the ball and performs the attack it was told to do, this shows that the Pokémon could, not only, hear its trainer from inside the ball but it was ready to fight as well.

If the Pokémon had been converted into data then this would not be possible, whilst inside the Pokéball, the Pokémon would not be able to intercept any voice commands, it would have to be released from the ball to convert it back to a Pokémon before any instruction could be given to it.

Since the conversion would have to take place before the Pokémon could attack, any chance of a swift battle that flows smoothly by countering as quick as possible could not take place and attacks would hit before they could be stopped. Another theory does address these problems and it is much simpler than this one.

Don’t worry, we are not going to talk about the Physical Size theory because frankly I refuse to believe that anyone would do such a thing and I do not want to bring that much sadness into one post, instead we are going to discuss the Ideal Environment theory, much better.

The Ideal Environment theory is the theory that puts the Pokémon first, the other two being the most inhumane ways you could treat a Pokémon, that stuff happens in real life and we do not want it to happen to the adorable pocket monsters as well, this is why most people prefer the ideal environment theory.

What it is is essentially a replica home for the Pokémon that is based off the Pokémon that is currently residing in it, it creates the imagery of its habitat and gives it an ample food supply of its favourite food, it is essentially like being chained to the spot you are sitting at now and people bringing you your favourite food until they need you to do something for them, then when you are finished its back to eating and sleeping your days away, where do I sign up?

The ideal environment theory basically gives the Pokémon the best life you could possibly get from being captured and taken away from your home, forced into a life of slavery and fighting others for the sake of entertainment. I feel like the ideal environment theory was created so people could pretend the Pokémon were happy with their captivity when in reality it is likely that it is either the Physical Size theory or the Data theory.

I personally think that the Data theory is the culprit, it explains a lot of otherwise unknown factors, it offers a valid explanation for the transferral of Pokémon to the bank from the wild and it provides the best answer to how a Pokémon can be contained inside something so small compared to a lot of Pokémon out there, with a little more work and if you disregard the Pokémon being conscious of their surroundings, the Data theory is the most understandable way to explain it all.



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