Is GPS Spoofing/botting worse since the last ban wave?

During the past 3 updates, a few problems enhanced such as the login error causing the game to be inaccessible for tons of players, and some server downtime due to issues undisclosed with the community. Another major problem was an increase of GPS Spoofing/botting that may have lashed out due to the recent bans.

There’s tons of speculation as to why there’s an increase of macroing and spoofing after each ban wave, and we’ve came up with the most logical explanation for you. The reason we believe there’s an increase of botting and spoofing is due to the bots being banned. That may sound crazy but hear me out. With the bots being banned there’s no specific script blocking them from actually playing the game permanently, they’re simply just being banned.

In other games such as Runescape, World of Warcraft and League of Legends, we’ve learned that banning is an alternate solution to stop the player, but actually slows them down later provoking more macroing that usually happens right after the ban wave. These players are pressured to spoof or bot more due to falling behind from being banned. Usually players that bot or spoof can predict when these ban waves are coming out which is why you’ll see spoofing slow down for a few days before it, and right after a huge increase of spoofing and macroing can be seen because the ban wave is over.

Due to reporting issues earlier in the game, it seems like the report system has been made weaker so it’s not abused. So this makes things difficult, forcing Niantic to watch reports and release ban waves of these reports. Before some players would get banned just for traveling, which now doesn’t happen. We hope Niantic can get this under control, though from my previous experience with other games, I believe this situation uncontrollable and can only be moderated to a certain extent.



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