Is The ‘Pokemon Go Plus’ A Big Flop?


After a series of shortage and sold outs, Pokémon GO Plus is now available at stores near you. This includes Toys R Us, Walmart, and GameStop and has been constantly available for a little more than a month now. Nintendo’s very own Pokémon peripheral was first officially released on September 16, 2016, and it followed up with a series of shortages, overprices and unavailability, which forced the company to reproduce more and more of the device. But with all the hype, some have been speculating that the Plus might actually be a huge flop in the end.

Pokémon Go Plus’s growing demands

Nintendo has reassured Pokémon GO players that they will be continuing to produce and ship additional accessories until they are finally able to meet the demands. Unfortunately, some Pokémon GO players may have to be forced to wait as Walmart, Toys R Us, GameStop, and other local stores near them are slowly restocking their shelves with additional accessories for the game as of the moment.

Pokémon Go players need to make sure

The question that some Pokémon GO players have at this point is quite simple – is there a way to know if Toys R Us, Walmart, GameStop, and other stores near them will finally be having Pokémon GO Plus in stock before they actually take a trip to the said stores? These players are hoping to find out if Toys R Us and these other local stores already have the game accessory in stock in order to avoid wasting their time

Best method you can do

As said on several reports, the best method that Pokémon GO players have right now is to simply call these local stores to be able to know if stocks are available for the game peripheral. Other than that, they have no other option. For Pokémon GO players who have yet to get their hands on this gaming accessory, the Toys R Us Holiday Toy Guide has revealed that all Toys R Us stores nationwide would be restocking their shelves with additional accessories for the upcoming holiday season.



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