Lure Mod Event in Japan!! And I’m Lovin’ it

Pokemon Go Japan officially took to Twitter and announced their “Golden Week” event in association with McDonald’s. Starting from April 29th all of the McDonald’s outlets in Japan will be lured up from 6 AM till midnight. The Golden week is a period of time of various national holidays. This is celebrated exclusively in Japan, and hence the geographic restriction.

There are various reasons as to why Niantic is choosing to keep this event exclusively to the Japanese fanbase. It is widely known that Japan has a deep spiritual connection to Pokemon, hence we see a real world manifestation of this. Well thinking about it more, it surprises me why did they chooses McDonald’s for this, probably they are sponsoring this event that’s why? I guess we would never know the answer to this.

This announcement has to lead to speculations as to what will happen if Niantic starts doing more and more local country based event like these, Japan has already witnessed two of them and this will be their third one. Although many keen readers claim that, Thanksgiving is an American festival, and the event was open worldwide. Well, It never was explicitly stated that the event was to celebrate thanksgiving. So there that can be an explanation. I believe that Niantic is testing water for local country wise events, to see if they make any good progress during these events.

Also, it is important to note that currently, Japan is the only country that promotes Pokemon Go for tourists. And also not all the McDonald’s outlets in the US are Pokestops there are some that are not.

I’m happy for my Japanese friends for this announcement, personally, I feel it would be awesome if Niantic starts doing country based events, Indian trainers would have a ton of events throughout the year 😛

Dear Japanese friends, please enjoy your time, and let us know what you think about this event, and share us some screenshots of your favorite McDonald’s catch. Have fun guys peace.



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