More Golden Berries Found in Pokemon Go’s Code


More Golden Berries could be coming to a future Pokemon Go update. The fansite Pokemon Go Hub has discovered several lines of code in the most recent Pokemon Go update that hint at Golden versions ofNanab Berries and Pinap Berries.

Pokemon Go first introduced Golden Razz Berries as part of their major gym overhaul. The berries are basically a souped-up version of Razz Berries and make a Pokemon much easier to catch in the wild. Golden Razz Berries can also be used to fully restore a Pokemon’s motivation when they’re defending a gym.

Currently, the only way to get a Golden Razz Berry is by defeating a Raid Boss. The Golden Razz Berries are a “common” Raid Prize, meaning that players will almost always earn at least one Golden Berry when they beat a Boss.

Presumably, Golden Nanab Berries and Golden Pinap Berries will function similarly to Golden Razz Berries, in that they’ll be awarded for beating Raid Bosses, will fully restore a Pokemon’s motivation, and will provide an extra boost of that berry’s effect.

Pokemon Go Hub found the lines of code in the most recent update, which came out earlier this month. While this isn’t technically a “new isn’t technically a “new” item since the code has been in the game for weeks, this is the first time we’ve seen mention of it online.

Of course, just because something was put into Pokemon Go‘s code doesn’t mean that it’s an imminent addition. Code for several other items, including Master Balls, have been in Pokemon Go‘s code since its initial release but haven’t actually been added to the game.

Pokemon Go would need to be updated for the berries to be introduced, as icons for the two berries aren’t available.




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