New forced update for 0.51 is forcing players to use an unstable version of the game!

Since the previous update came out the game has had problem loading and staying up without freezing. The game is nearly back to the unstable version that first was released to us months back. As of now a huge majority of players are having issues opening the game and enjoying the event that’s going on right now and with a new event dropping later today this could make thing sticky.

Niantic has not yet dished out a fix for this update, probably because they’ve not received enough bug reports to do any action for it. I’ve noticed when Niantic receives a’lot of bug reports from one of our articles they usually dish out a fix a few days later. This may be the case so I’m going to have to ask all of you to report this issue, I’ll leave a link below that will take you to their bug report page.



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