New leaked information about Pokemon GO’s holiday event!

Ever since the first PoGO event – all PokemonGo Players have been waiting for more of them to happen. We got a great thanksgiving event and and now you are now able to catch Pikachu and Raichu with santa hats on! But what we are most hungry for, is a huge Christmas event. People speculate what it may bring to the Pokemon GO. Some say Gen II may be introduced in it, or maybe we’ll be able to catch the 3 mighty legendaries of Gen I during Xmas. We still don’t know that yet, but a SliphRoad executive – Dronpes, managed to dig out some interesting info out of game’s code!

First of all, presents are coming to Pokemon Go! There are no certain information about how will they work, other than that they are labeled from Bronze to Gold and feature Special/Great/Ultra variants. We managed to found a graphic representing them too.

Also, regarding the presents, there is a new shop icon in the game. It should appear at the same time as gifts and it should lead into a separate section where you can buy them (I hope we’re gonna be able to purchase them for our friends as well!). There is also a new attribute coded into the shop, called “HasHolidayItems”.

With all that being said, I think that there is a new update coming soon. Christmas is coming in just brief 5 days, so Niantic does not have much more time to prepare presents for their players. As always, good luck and stay tuned for more Trainers!



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