New PokeBattler feature will help you pick your Raid team!

PokeBattler has been a great resource for trainers to calculate the specific effectiveness of certain Pokémon in battle and they’ve released a new feature! The website allows you to run simulations against regular Pokémon or Raid Bosses with strict conditions in place to make the simulation as realistic as possible. Doing this, the website is able to tell you the absolute best Pokémon to use against a certain Raid Boss. The team at PokeBattler have now released a new feature called the PokéBox. It lets you login via Google or Facebook to store your details and let you save the details of up to 50 of your own Pokémon. The site can then calculate the best Raid counters with specific information regarding your team.

This is a big step that will prove to be a great resource for trainers. No more will you need to decide between your Tyranitar and your Golem. Let PokeBattler do it for you!

The PokéBox information does have to be entered manually which can seem tedious. Despite this, the website does not directly access your Pokémon GO account and as such, it is safe to use.

Once you compile your strongest Pokémon into the website you can use the battle or raid feature to pick who you would like to go up against and it will recommend your best options first. What do you think of this new feature? Go test it out and see how you go!



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