New Pokemon Go Update 0.67.2 for Android, 1.37.2 for iOS

New Pokemon GO Update 0.67.2 for Android, 1.37.2 for iOS. In the last 10 days Pokemon Go got updated twice, which is really nice. It is good to see Niantic is speeding things up, however there was no official word or official change log for the update on their official site

According to various news sources, a New Pokemon Go Anniversary Event for Shiny Pikachu is coming on July 6, since that is when Pokemon Go came out in 2016.

Niantic is well known to bring small update to the game right before any big events. From what we know there are going to be two Big Pokemon GO Events beside Pokemon Go Fest this month.

And all that Niantic updated on their social media was this:

“Trainers, Pokémon GO is being updated to version 0.67.2 for Android and 1.37.2 for iOS to implement bug fixes.”

As I mentioned above, there are small updates right before big events.

First event is going to be about Shiny Pikachu and other being Evolution of AR in Pokemon GO Event, This event will feature the following team members from Niantic: Dennis Hwang, Tatsuo Nomura, Edward Wu, Phil Keslin. The Evolution of AR in Pokemon Go event has to do with the following:

Evolution of AR in Pokemon GO Event

“Pokémon GO inspired user behaviors indicative of a successful augmented reality application such as sharing of photos with rendered characters and spontaneous real-world gatherings of thousands of people. The evolution of the technical and design choices in Niantic’s products through Pokémon GO that achieved a mass-market AR application are described.”

Note: The news about event was from an anonymous tip, it is subject to change at anytime. But don’t worry we are likely to get an official announcement 2-3 days before the event!

We are still waiting for our Dataminers to dig in some data from the latest update, as soon as we get our hands on the new data, we will write it up, so make sure to check our blog again.



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