New update! Journal updates and new search keywords!

Less than 12 hours ago, I published an article regarding a possible inclusion of raid rewards in the journal. Now, as I’ve woken up it appears a new update has rolled out that includes Raid rewards in the journal plus some other exciting new features. Here are the exciting addition to version 0.75:

  1. New Niantic loading screen on app start up. Minor change but “The Pokémon Company” was added below the Niantic logo.

2. New search keywords: “Defender” and “Legendary”. You can now search for Pokémon currently defending gyms or for Legendaries. They’ve also improved the move search.

3. Huge updates to the journal. Now specifies items received from a Gym PokéStop, with color coding for additional items from Gym badge and team bonus. It even shows if the Gym issued a free Raid pass with the spin. More importantly, it now shows Raid rewards in the journal!

4. Safari Zone badges have been added and reworked for the events on 7th and 14th of October.

5. The largest amount of bug fixes ever discovered in the code. These include fixes for Pokédex Cache Bug, Avatar Texture Bug, Gym Attack Animation Bug, Raid Intro Zoom Bug, Raid Lobby Bug. A large portion of the code was amended with the intention of fixing these issues, however reports of Avatar texture bug and raid lobby bug are still present after updating. It’s important to remember that these are attempts at resolving the bugs. We’ll see in the coming days as to whether they were successful or not.

6. Stabilizing Gyms. A significant portion of the coding regarding Gyms were re-worked for what is believed to be greater stability.

7. New debugging tools to do with resolving memory, remote processing calls and network issues. A Gym location data loader was also found which is currently only for debugging however could be expanded for easier creation of event gyms or for debugging gyms that aren’t live yet.



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