Niantic debunks “Don’t Press Okay” theory

We’ve been talking about this so called theory for far too long but here’s the nail in the coffin. The theory states that you should not press the okay button after catching a Raid Boss until everyone finishes catching it. The theory behind it being that Niantic only allows a certain number of players to catch the Raid boss and that the not pressing okay will trick their servers into allowing more people to catch it.

This has been debunked by players time and time again. The last instance showed that pressing the okay button does not send any packets of information to the server. This should have been enough however a recent poll through Facebook groups showed that an overwhelming 51% of users still believe in the alleged exploit. It was on this post that Niantic’s official Reddit Correspondent, NianticGeorge finally had a say.

That’s done and dusted. Final nail in the coffin. Let’s let this ridiculous theory die a swift death and bring some reality back to our raids.



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