Niantic Quick Attacks Third Party Services


Once again, Niantic aggressively attacked third party scanning services and it is a good thing. Yes, the incessant whining is likely to ensure, but it is common sense as to why Niantic adopted this approach.

Fastpokemap is a big, third-party scanning site many utilized, pinpointing a pokemon’s location with minimal effort. Niantic, aggressively preventing third party services from illegally accessing their servers, added Google Captcha: A new complex security feature that measures clicks and prevents illegal third party programs from infiltrating their internal servers. It will be very difficult for these scanners to exist now, or so we hope.


Some argue hunting Pokemon through automatic tracking is perfectly reasonable because the current tracking system isn’t similar to the original, or because the new tracking system has not been implemented despite it coming very soon (yes, we promise).  “We can’t track so we want the Pokemon handed to us” is essentially the argument, and it is fundamentally flawed.

Recently, we released an article emphasizing the importance in maintaining their server’s integrity — if Niantic does not disable third party tracking services, their new tracking system is useless when the majority of gamers are cheating through specific pinpointing of Pokemon. You really think players will put down the third party program merely for a new tracking system that requires more effort? I think not.

We applaud you protecting your servers, Niantic, and prepare for the one-dimensional backlash from players using faulty logic; the we tracking system, without this measure, would be useless. This is necessary and common sense is its weapon.



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