Players are starting to receive notifications for the new event!

While tons of trainers are anticipating the new event, Niantic knows about this so it seems like they set a notification that had a timer to release just before the event actually did. This notification is just notifying the playerbase that the event is actually starting very soon which we’ll let you know about when it does.

Players around the world have already started receiving the notification for the event, this includes the UK and Czech Republic as’well the Netherlands so it looks like the notification has been sent out across the entire globe as we ready for this Starter Pokemon Event

I’m actually quite anxious to start this event because I need to get a nice Charizard for myself. I’ve not been able to find a Charmander nest since the game started due to my area being terrible for spawns. If you’re ready for this event be sure to comment below and let us know how anxious you are to start this. If you’re unhappy about the events just be happy they’re not being repetitive by repeating the same events over and over.

The event should be officially released around noon PST as Niantic’s base is in San Francisco, California making their time zone Pacific.



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