Players have been having serious connection issues since raids have been released!

Many fans have been excited for the raids release, though other fans have been having some really bad luck when trying to experience it.

In fact most fans are barely able to play the game since the update, which has caused most of the community to restart their apps or phones over and over just to get the game to work. Some gyms now are so bugged that the players cannot even access them, causing frustration all over the world.

I first noticed this on a comment section of my article for gym badges, where the entire community ranted about how the game has been having serious connection issues which are very similar to the start of Pokemon GO. It could be due to the new gyms not being stable or just some sketchy code that is making the game be unstable. For now we’ll have to wait until Niantic fixes this issue.

If you’re able to experience raids, then we hope you enjoy it and check out some of our guides on how to be the best raider in the Pokemon GO world. This game should see some major changes in the coming months as more major features start coming out.




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