Pokémon Go— Best Way To Gather Star Dust During The Event

Hey guys. The Equinox event as we know is already underway. I’m sure many of have already started hamming all that lovely Stardust. How you use the stardust will likely be the difference between an average player and the very best. Stardust is a very crucial thing as it is needed to evolve and power up your Pokémon.

That means it is the best way of making sure that your Pokémon are strong. The more you play the game, the more you understand it. When you reach the latter stages of the game, it becomes incredibly hard to get. There are several ways to get more Stardust in Pokémon Go, but the quickest and easiest way to do so is through catching Pokémon. Ever since the February Gen 2update, you will get more Stardust the higher in the evolution chain the wild Pokémon is. In other words, the first in evolution chain will give 100 Stardust, the second will give 300 Stardust and finally the third will give 500 Stardust.

Aim for low-level areas to catch the weaker, more common Pokémon – they’re the easiest to get a hold of, and the quickest. The other way is by hatching. Hatching eggs is the best way of getting huge amount of Stardust in one go. However, there’s a drawback, and that is the time it takes. In my opinion, it is really better to go for the the catching instead of hatching.
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