Pokemon GO: Buddy Medal for Distance Traveled?

As the buddy system came out it brought a lot of good to the game. We are able to set Pokemon that are rare according to the locations you live, and you are able to collect candy. Though, it’s not as simple as just setting and Pokemon as you buddy. Depending on the Pokemon size, small, medium, or large, you have to walk the Pokemon either 1 kilometer, 3 kilometers, or maybe even 5 kilometers.

How would adding a badge improve this feature? Honestly, it won’t improve it by making it easier to gain anything. Instead, the buddy system will have a bit more of a set goal. There are several different ways a badge for the buddy system could be introduced, however, let’s not list EVERY way. But rather a few.

  • Walk x amount of Pokemon 10 kilometers
  • Walk x amount total between all Pokemon
  • Walk x amount of Pokemon 50 kilometers
  • What would make these badges if any get put in the game even better? Make it something like the Pokedex! That way you can walk each and every Pokemon to get the badge. This would help trainers who complete their Pokedex while they wait for more updates.



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