Pokemon Go Equinox Event Live ! Inside Event Preview

The Equinox event is has started with an extremely amazing start. Before the event some trainers are speculating that the event could feature some new Pokemon.Perhaps, even, new Gen 3 Baby Pokemon.

The reasoning behind this is fairly straightforward.The Equinox event has, rather strangely, opted to give Trainers the ability to earn 3x XP for registering new Pokemon.Which as we’ve mentioned, is a little odd given that the majority of the player base should have accumulated the majority of Pokemon for the Pokedex by now.

As such, some believe that today’s event could secretly launch some new Pokemon that actually gives fans a reason to seek out that 3x XP Bonus.Of course, the theories are completely unsubstantiated and it’s far from a sure deal.But it’s something for fans to keep and eye out for, because with Niantic you never know.

As the event has started the Pokemon GO Gift boxes have appeared in game. There is three categorizes of these boxes. First one is a Special box, second is a Great box and third is a Ultra Box.

Special Box :- 

Special Box of Equinox Event contains only two things and comes in exchange of 480PokeCoins. Special Box ContainsThree Super Incubator and Five Lure Module.Giving a moderate offer special boxes ain’t so special.

Great Box :- 

Great Box of Equinox Event contains only three in game items and comes in exchange of 980PokeCoins. Great Box ContainsFive Super Incubator, Four Lucky Eggs and Ten Lure Module.Giving an amazing offer great boxes are truly great.

Ultra Box :- 

Ultra Box of Equinox Event contains only three in game items and comes in exchange of 1480PokeCoins. Great Box ContainsEight Super Incubator, Eight Lucky Eggs and Fifteen Lure Module.

In my personal recommendation the best deal to go with is of Great Box. Considering Super Incubator Ultra Box is not much amazing and Special Box is way too less. Also when you compare the prices the best moderate price is of Great Box. Anyways you guys can have your own opinion.

Also data miners have worked out a brand new full Super Incubator distance chart, illustrating how much faster it will be to hatch using the new incubator.
• 2 KM eggs will now hatch in just 1.3333 KM
• 5 KM eggs will now hatch in just 3.3333 KM
• 10KM eggs will now hatch in just 6.6666 KM

This new Pokemon GO Event follows what’s been quite an exciting week for Pokemon GO players eager to battle the games toughest Raid Pokemon yet i.e Mewtwo!Earlier this week Niantic issues a whole new batch of Mewtwo EX Raid invitations around the world, but primarily in Europe and Asia.

Previously these special EX Raids were only available in specific locations worldwide, however, the increasing amount of invitations suggests the game is slowly approaching a full EX Raid release.

Based on reports, these latest EX Raid tests appear to be focused far more on gyms that are twinned with sponsored Starbucks locations.The only area where EX Raid invitations were reported in non-sponsored Gyms is in Chester, UK where the great Heritage Event took place.



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