Pokemon Go: Everything We Know About Shiny Magikarp

The water festival is almost over now. How many shiny Magikarp’s have you come across so far? Don’t worry if you haven’t found this rare form of Magikarp by now. We will share with you everything known about the shiny Magikarp.

Right now, there has been a rumor going around. Once the event is over we will no longer be able to encounter a shiny Magikarp. Well, hate to break it to you all, however, the Magikarp is most likely staying. Other shiny Pokemon will start to make their appearances as well. We aren’t sure when but hopefully soon.

Can you see the shiny Magikarp on the map? At one point we thought that was how it would work. However, that isn’t the case this time. You have to encounter the Magikarp and from there it could be it’s rarer form of itself.

Is a shiny Magikarp shiny for all players? No, unfortunately, it isn’t. We are assuming the reason. Niantic when about shiny Pokemon this way was to prevent cheaters from getting them every time one popped up.

For now, there is only an estimated spawn rate for this luxurious carp. Assuming most trainers can encounter this many in a lifetime. We suspect the spawn rate to be around 1-800 encounters. More research is being done. Though, the current data is much better than the spawn rate of the original games



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