Pokemon GO FastPokeMap Down: No More Real-Time Trackers?

pokemon-go-6-1024x576The Pokemon GO FastPokeMap website is down again, as the developer is not able to keep the system stable. He said that his Pokemon spawn locator that works as a real-time Pokemon tracker needs multiple reboots constantly to run. To overcome the challenge, the developer has said that he’s working on it and the service will be resumed within the next few days.


It seems that Pokemon GO developer Niantic is not going to let any third party providers use its data for tools creation. The company has already been strict on hacking and cheating issues, and it is not tolerating the presence of Pokemon GO locators. Now that the Pokemon GO FastPokeMapis down, it seems that the real time trackers won’t exist anymore.

Developing an application for Pokemon spawn location tracking has now become very challenging. Recently, the FastPokeMap developer got a cracked API and made it work for his tracker. The system was already unstable since it went live, but the developer assured fans that things will be alright.


On the Pokemondev subreddit where developers from all over the world aim to build third party tools, it is speculated that there will be no morereal time tracker for the game. According to them, making a tracker requires a huge effort and the chances of success are very thin. Developers on Reddit suggest that there’s a very small chance that anyone would exert their effort on such APIs. The use of such web application is not right for the game, but solutions like FastPokeMap undoubtedly turned out to be a reliable tool for real-time Pokemon tracking.

Now that the Pokemon GO FastPokeMap is not working again, there are no other working solutions available. As the game is already available in many regions around the world, players who don’t want to see these third party apps report them to Niantic. The developer of the game is already on the hunt to take down the websites and applications that affect the fairness of the gameplay.



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