Pokemon Go : Former Glory Is Back

Pokemon Go’s new amazing update really has made the difference to Niantic.Niantic added Raids, Gym Rework and much more to Pokemon Go last week, and has been slowly lowering the levels required to participate in Raids.Raids are timed in-game events that give Trainers the chance to team up with other players to defeat powerful bosses.

Successfully defeating a Raid boss gives you a chance of capturing the Pocket Monster and is also a way to earn rare Candy.And they’ve clearly been popular, because Pokemon Go has suddenly found itself soaring up the iOS App Store charts.As BGR points out, Pokemon Go is the sixth highest grossing app, climbing up from 22nd. In the UK, it’s currently the fifth biggest earner.

It’s also back in the top 100 free apps, climbing up to 76, having previously charted at 130.The launch of Raids has also coincided with a big change to the way Gyms work in Pokemon Go.The new an improved Gyms feature six permanent slots that can be filled by the controlling team’s Pokemon. Opposing players can battle these Pokemon in the order they were assigned to the Gym.And to make things more competitive, defending Pokemon will lose motivation over time, which will lower their effective CP and therefore make them easier to defeat.

Players can feed these Pokemon Berries to keep them motivated, which is also a new way of potentially earning rare Candy.The only downside to the gym update is that players now earn one coin for every ten minutes they have a Pokemon in a Gym.

This in itself is OK, but Niantic appears to have introduced a cap of 50 coins for the day, which is down from 100.It’s unclear if these limitations will last, or if unlocking rarer Gym badges will let players earn more coins.



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