Pokémon Go— Game Changing New Mode

Hey guys. These days the Equinox event has got everyone busy with gathering stardust. Hatching and catching Pokémon is the way to go. However, a few other introductions are required to keep the flow of the game going.

A redditor put forward his idea of making the game better. The Redditor put forward quite a great idea. Here’s what the post said—

“I understand the reason the speed cap being fairly low (to avoid eggs hatching while driving). However, that value doesn’t make much sense. It’s to high to walk and to low to ride a bike.”

“Everytime I ride a bike it’s a pain to keep the speed below the cap. It’s not really hard in flat roads (although very very boring), but in every single decline (even slight ones) i need to constantly apply the brakes. I understand it’s not convenient for Niantic to be easy hatching eggs (incubators sale would drop) but since the game should encourage us to exercise, they should add a Bike mode or something, maybe with some other drawbacks, but which should allow us to hatch eggs.

“Honestly, I think incubator sales would rise if they were to increase the speed cap or add a bike mode of some sort.”
The idea is really good and if we take the original Pokémon series into consideration the bike did have an important role.

Well, not important exactly. But, it has been a part of the series ever since the beginning. So, Pokémon Go should introduce the bike at some point.



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