Pokemon GO is No Longer the Top Grossing App


Pokemon GO has lost its spot as the ioS App Store’s top grossing app, The popular app has been number one on the list for a solid 74 days. But yesterday, it was finally unseated.

Pokemon GO was unseated from its kingly position by the popular strategy battler app Clash Royale. It’s speculated the upset is due the recent update of the game. The developer, supercell, recently added a bunch of new cards to Clash Royale and fans are collecting.

Pokemon GO has earned its place in the hall of fame for being a top earner for so long. It is only outperformed by Clash of Clans, who remained a top earner for 347 consecutive days and the Candy Crush Saga, which remained at the top for 140 days. VentureBeat speculates that Pokemon will shoot back to the top when the game does new updates.

There are still big things in store for Pokemon GO, too. The game has yet to launch in China or South Korea, which are big markets. The game still holds the record for being fasest mobile game to earn $500 million and still boasts 500 million players.




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