Pokemon Go: Latest Coin Rewards and How It Works?

Well ever since the new gyms started becoming live, many people have been messaging us for a clarity on Pokecoins, well it looks like even Niantic is to blame for this confusion. Recently just hours ago, Niantic has silently changed its mechanism.

As of now on June 23, you now get 1 Coin for every 10 Minutes your Pokemon defend. However, there is a catch here the new daily limit is 50 Poke Coins. There are also indications that Gym Badges also influence Coin rewards, possibly even circumventing the 50 Coin daily limit.

For those confused, the prior mechanics were 1 coin for every hour defended, which was kind of dissatisfying. This was a bad choice especially for trainers who live in urban areas, as their Pokemon get taken down pretty quickly.

Rural trainers were extremely happy with the 1 coin per hour defined change, as it made it easy for them to farm Pokemon Go coins, but also remember there is a limit placed on the number of gyms that can be claimed at one time is 20. This made farming coins for some people pretty darn easy. Well, I guess it’s not now.

Seems like Niantic is aiming to strike a perfect balance of time and rewards obtained, it’s pretty daunting task to do to consider all the trainer’s personal choices and make something like one size fits all.

Got something to add to this story? Let us know in the comments section, let’s get a discussion going on here! Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.



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