Pokémon Go Lobby Count Just Getting Worse

Hey guys. The lobby error has started ever since the update. With each passing day, the Lobby count has turned worse. The count of players is already inaccurate in the lobby. However, a new issue had popped up. A redditor has pointed it out. Here’s what he pointed out in the post—
“This time, the number of players in lobby was correct if you go by the number of avatars you can scroll through. However, when the battle started, the numbers were extremely different. I saw 5 people in lobby and the number count was 5. But when initiating the fight we had 18 people. And it definitely felt like 18 based on how quick the fight was progressing. This is so misleading and really gives the wrong misrepresentation of players actually battling. This causes so many players like I to pre-emptively quit the lobby if numbers are too low before the fight begins. It causes fewer players to actually start the fight when in reality there are more. I suppose now I’ll have to start the battle and double check the numbers before leaving.”

Now, this thing can cause a huge problem sometimes and you need to be more careful from now on. I’d like the to thank the person for pointing this out.



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