Pokemon Go Needs This: Fossil Dig Feature?



Just as the title states, this article will be about digging for fossils/Pokémon. Just as my previous article discussing the fishing feature, this one is very similar as to the theme of obtaining Pokémon. So without further ado lets get started!

So far in Pokémon Go, the only way of obtaining Pokémon is by simply encountering them and catching them before they fled or you run out of Poke Balls. The question at hand is should Niantic incorporate other methods for encountering Pokémon to enhance the experience such as digging for fossils like in other Pokémon Games.

Like I said previously, in other Pokémon games players such as my self and all of you were able to obtain fossils that contained Pokémon. I remember specifically in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl actually digging as a sort of mini-game and I thought it was pretty fun for game freak to incorporate that into the gameplay.

Not to mention in Pokémon Go, currently it is difficult to get the Fossil Pokémon already (Kabuto, Omanyte, Aerodactyl). So with this feature present, not only would it add to the experience of playing, it would also make it easier to obtain these specific Pokémon. And for every generation there will always be a fossil obtained Pokémon.




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