Pokemon GO Nest Migration April 2017 Live! Here’s What to Expect

Another few weeks means another Pokemon GO nest migration has happened, so nests have changed for better and maybe worse. Some fans love nest migrations since it adds variety to the mobile game, while others aren’t fans of the changes. Whatever party players are in, there is no denying that it makes the often tiresome game more interesting.

Per usual, it is the Silph Road subreddit that has broken the news about the April 2017 migration. This is the 5th migration since Gen 2 Pokemon were fully introduced in the mobile title. There have been some interesting reports regarding the Pokemon that have been migrated, which has resulted in a mixed reaction. Reactions like these are commonplace for fans of GO, usually due to players finding good Pokemon in the previous migration.

Gotta Take Advantage

Pokemon GO nest migrations only last a few weeks, since another one is always going to be on the horizon. Those who still have the app installed should check out the Pokemon available and see if any of them catch their fancy or not. Migrations shouldn’t be wasted as it gives players a chance to go out and find some new Pokemon.

Considering that 80 new monsters were added to the game, now might be the best chance to collect them all. If anything, looking for new Pokemon before the next migration is a great way to kill time before a new event is announced for the game. Sure, the game isn’t as big as it used to be and it might not be ever again, but those who stayed owe it to themselves to look for more.



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