Pokémon Go— Next Wave of Ex Raids Out!

Hey guys. Today’s big news is about Ex Raids. As we know that Ex raids are currently what has got everyone exercising their muscles. The next (and largest yet) wave of EX Raids appears to have just rolled out.

These new raids will have new sponsors and new regions. We have a limited amount of so far. The details were given in one of the posts on Reddit. Here is what the post said— “Here’s what we know so far:
– Sprint, Starbucks, Jio, and Unibail sponsored gyms now appear to have been eligible for this round
– The Raid region has expanded to Europe and Asia, via their partnerships in those regions
– In at least some areas, all sponsored gyms have an EX Raid
– Many (all?) of the past sponsor gym EX raids from last round appear to have been included in this wider round
– It appears some non-sponsored gyms have been selected for EX Raids in Chester, UK where an event was previously held.”
It appears that Niantic have really stepped up their game and are bringing some good content out to every place.

If you don’t know what these raids are which is only possible if you’re living under a rock, then here’s a little description. These raids for now allow trainers to capture the strongest Pokémon in the world, Mewtwo. These are invite-only Raids. In order to participate in these raids, you need to defeat a Raid Boss at the Gym where the EX Raid will be taking place. The reward for clearing the gym is an EX Raid Pass.

The pass can be used on the EX Raid whenever it becomes available.



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