Pokémon Go: Players Are Experiencing Avatar Difficulties

Hey all, it seems that in the heart of this festive season and in the middle of this Christmas event, players are starting to have difficulties with their avatar.

Now I am not saying all players are experiencing this bug, but there are still a lot who are unfortunately struggling.

So what is this problem? According to these players on a number of forums, trainers are experiencing their avatar freezing and not moving at all, requiring their phones to be reset.

This bug has come at the worst time, with this Christmas event underway and moving strongly.

For the moment it doesn’t seem that this bug is isolated to just either iOS or Android, as it seems this is happening to players with both platforms, for sadly a lot of players according to The Silph Road on Reddit.

So hopefully Niantic notices this fast and fixes it well before the event ends, especially as we have all received free incubators and trainers want to use them.

So for those Pokémon Go trainers who are experiencing this, there is not much you can really do sadly, so all you can really do it hope that its fixed by Niantic quickly.





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