Pokémon Go- Raikou Raid Glitch Fixed

Hey guys. Raikou as we know is one the three legendary dog Pokémon, who came back after a the legendary birds were gone. Raikou is an electric type Pokémon that is arguably the second best Pokémon among the three. A constant problem was occuring while trainers were trying to play the Raikou raid and this was Raiko model not loading.

A Niantic employee on Reddit just revealed that they have fixed the issue from their end. Thus, the 3D model should be appearing now and you can finally play the raids. Niantic have been quick to fix the bug. You can see it in the photo below yourself.

Credits— Reddit
For those of you who are struggling to beat Raikou and the other two legendary Pokémon, here’s a little help.
Suicune- It is a Water Type Pokémon. It has just one type and with the right Pokémon it’s going to be a cakewalk. The four Pokémon that are highly recommended for this raid are- Zapdos, Jolteon, Exeggutor and Dragonite.
Entei- It is a Fire Type Pokémon. Fire is weak to water, rock and ground. So, again with the right Pokémon it shouldn’t be a problem. Your top options would be- Vaporeon, Tyranitar, Rhydon and Omastar.
Last but not the least, Raikou- Electric type Pokémon. Electric type shares some of its weaknesses with fire type. So, you can pick a specific Pokémon to help you out with both Raikou and Entei. The best options would be Rhydon, Golem and Donphan.
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