Pokemon GO: Redesigned Sky

Have you recently updated Pokemon Go? Well, you might have noticed a slight difference in the game when opening the app. For some reason, though, you just can’t put a finger on what’s changed? Well, it looks like Niantic redesigned the day and night sky image.

If you have seen the art for what the old games design looked like. Unfortunately, those sprites aren’t what Niantic change the images to. However, not all hope is lost. John Hanke might try everything in his power to get the old designs in the game. It will just take a bit more work and time.

Why was the design changed in the first place and why is it so important? Well, overall the change of the day and night skies changed the file size. This means the game should hopefully now load faster. Not to mention preparation for upcoming features should run a bit smoother now as well.

With new looks and mechanics for gyms just around the corner, it is hard to say how much stress that update will have on the application. Anything that Niantic can do to reduce the games file size will help later on when these major updates hit.



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