Pokemon GO Servers are back up!

Earlier today, trainers all across the glob experienced some downtime that allowed Niantic to refresh their servers while also fixing an issue they had at base. It seems like the problem could have been a result of DDoS though it seems unlikely as their have been no widespread claims from any group targeting Pokemon GO since release.

It more seems like the servers could have just been too congested from a previous update and needed to be refreshed. Though Niantic has made no statement about what actually happened though we can assure you that if this does happen again in the future, it’ll probably just be a service issue from their hosting.

It seems as if nothing changed in the game as tons of trainers expected a huge feature to be released with the server down time. I’m going to have to clarify that no server down time will indicate a major update release as these feature releases are completely random and tested in beta before release, while also coming with tons of hints in the source code.



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