Pokemon GO: Shiny Magikarp Trick Inceasing The Odds

Although, the event is about over. Trainers can still use this little trick. However, it would work better with the water festival. Water Pokemon had their spawns increased during this festival and shiny Pokemon were event introduced.

Though, getting your hands on the extremely rare Magikarp form. Trainers might have found a nifty little trick to increase your odds of getting the shiny Magikarp. It still requires a good amount of luck. Though, theoretically, the chances of coming across a shiny Magikarp should go up.

  • Water Biome
  • Nest
  • Water Festival
  • Incense
  • Lore

When you put all five of those together, you now have, hopefully, a largely increase spawn rate for Magikarp. What happens when water spawns decrease? Well, it won’t be as efficient, however, even just using the Lore, and Incense on a water biome Pokestop. More Magikarp have a chance of spawning.

If you can find a Magikarp nest. You might want to set there for a few hours. If there is a Pokemon in the nest. Well, your chances have increased immensely. Lore the Pokestop, pop and incense, and enjoy the spawn rate.



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