Pokemon GO: Should Player Choose A Reward On Their 7th Day Streak?

To keep the game a little fresh. Niantic had introduced daily rewards for spinning Pokestops and Catching your first Pokemon of the day. The bonuses would gradually increase up until you hit your 7th-day streak which it would then reset.

The catch is, you cannot miss a single day of your first spin or first catch of the day, otherwise the streak will break. Pokestops daily reward is a bit better than catching Pokemon because you get more items along with experience.
Though, trainers are satisfied with the way the bonuses are working. They think it could be buffed up just a little more. What do you think? Would allowing for trainers to choose between a rare item be something to look forward too?
What would happen is instead of always getting evolution items on your 7th-day streak you would be able to choose from one of the following;
  • Lucky egg

  • Incubator
  • Incense

  • Lure Module

  • Evolution Item

Why wouldn’t you want the evolution item some of you might be asking? What happens once you have all the Pokemon the require the evolution item? From there on out the items would just take up space and you would either need to trash them or use them again if you really wanted to.

The items listed above are items that can be bought in the store or rewarded from leveling, but that’s about it. It would be interesting to see Niantic allow for more diversity of the items collected from the Pokestops. This idea makes it so trainers have to choose between the rewards they get rather than it just being a chance of getting the items.



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