Pokemon Go: Should we have Type Specific Raids?

Ok, I bet by this time you all must have appreciated and accepted the fact that raids are the best thing that has ever happened to the game ever since it’s beginning. I mean it’s a super cool change to the game, that has gotten people excited about Pokemon Go again.

The point of discussion of this post is to discuss the feasibility of Niantic hosting type-specific events. We have previously seen type-specific events hosted by Niantic. We have actually seen many of these. Like the recent Fire and Ice event, Grass type event, Adventure Week, Thanksgiving event, to name a few.

During all of those events, we see increased Pokemon spawns for certain types of Pokemon. In a recent interview with The Verge, Mr. John Hanke, the founder of Pokemon Go said that the act of collection of Pokemon was just the beginning, there will be more things coming in to keep trainers engaged to the game.

We all can bet that Niantic will never stop doing these weekly events with increased spawn rates for certain Pokemon spawning in the wild. To spice things up Niantic can do them once a month in an alternating fashion. Like in August we get an Electric-type Pokemon spawn event. Then to follow up on this we get a Fire type Raid event in the month of September. Where only Fire type Pokemon will be available for raiding. These are actually a really good idea.

Just a few days ago, I was reading this online thread about the new Ash’s Pikachu thing. The discussion was that there should be a way to add temporary placeholder Pokemon for in Raids for specific occasions like these. Where you get special Pokemon like Ash’s Pikachu as a raid boss. Although many people were not open to this idea, the concept might be put into some good use if implemented properly.

But with all things we have seen there is a potential danger to this, as always those damn spoofers will be able to take advantage of this, and make a perfect arsenal of Pokemon in short amounts of time (Assuming they don’t already have one). As the new gym system now encourages variation of Pokemon types in gyms for stronger defending, that might be a cause of concern for legit trainers.



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